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Hiking Mt Field Tasmania

Mt Field is one of the most visited National Parks in Tasmania. With it’s close proximity to Hobart, plenty of short walks and famous Russel Falls, this probably surprises no one. But what may come as more of a shock is that last large majority doesn’t even bother to drive up to the top, let alone do any of the hikes.

Which is lucky for us, since it means beautiful open views without the crowds.

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Government Huts Mt Field Tasmania

The Government Huts Mt Field are one of favorite weekend getaways from Hobart. Located only minutes away from Lake Dobson and Mt Field’s alpine tracks, these cheap and shabby little huts are really something unique and we can’t help but keep going back to them.

They’re so cheap, it’s a great option for couples, families and for only $225 per night you could rent out all 5 for a massive gathering with friends. If you get lucky enough to find all of them available, because we’re clearly not the only ones who love this mountain accommodation. Booking ahead is a must!