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How to start a Campfire

Any great camping trip just isn’t complete without a good campfire! I love the way they completely change the vibe of an evening, the way they make your food taste and even the way your clothes smell a bit smokey in the morning.

Even though there are many many different way to build and start a campfire, I find the good ol’ classic “teepee” work without fail and requires little to no tools. Have a look at this How to start a Campfire infographic as a quick reference on how to build one, what kind of wood to choose and how to keep it safe!

How to start a Campfire - an infographic How To guide

How to start a Campfire – Some extra safety tips

Now that you know how to start a campfire, make sure that you use this skill responsibly. Many National Parks around the world will have a strict no-fire-policy and for good reason. Fires can escalate quickly and, especially in the drier months, illegal fires can do devastating damage.
Even if fires are allowed in the right (meaning damp) conditions, most areas will have a complete fire ban at times. For Tasmania (our current home base) you can check this handy reference map. If you’re going camping elsewhere, a quick google search will tell you a lot.

Something else to consider is your waste. If you’re planning on doing some campfire cooking, think twice before throwing your trash in the fire. While you egg carton should be fine, take your cans back home. Your fire may seem hot enough to burn off your trash, but you’d be surprised what kind of temperatures are needed to make most stuff disappear. I’m sure you don’t want to leave behind a bunch a half burned cans for wildlife or other campers to find.

If you have any tips on how to build a campfire yourself, make sure to leave them in the comments below. Happy camping!

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