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5 Camping Knots you need to know

When it comes to knots, the more you know the better. But with a different knot for almost every application you can think of, it’s easy to get overwhelmed especially when you’re just starting out. So we made you a list with our top 5 most used Camping Knots that you’ll find incredibly useful.

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Camping Knots № 1 – Rolling Hitch

The Rolling Hitch is the first on our list of camping knots since it’s so easy to learn and quick to tie and undo. It’s used to tie a line off a pole, branch or other cylindrical object. To hold, it must stay under pressure.
Some camping uses: hanging up a washing line, hanging things from a tree, temporarily tie of your adventure pet.

1. Take the end of your line and turn in around a pole.

2. Make another turn to the left of the first one in the same direction.

3. Cross your working end over top of the two turns and make a third turn to their right in the same direction.

4. Pass the working end underneath itself where you started the third turn and tighten. To undo, simply take pressure off and push the two ends towards each other.

Camping Knots № 2 – Bow Line

Second of camping knots on our list is the Bowline. It’s an incredibly strong loop that’s quick to tie and easy to undo. Even if it’s been under a lot of pressure for a long time, you can still easily “break” the knot.
Some camping uses: securely hanging things off your backpack, attaching guy lines to your tent.

1. Fold the end of your line in half and make a small loop by pushing you standing end (the long end left over) up. Make sure the working end crosses over the standing one.

2. Take the working end and tuck it through the loop, back to front. Now pass the working end underneath the standing one.

3. Tuck the working end through the loop again, front to back.

4. Tighten the knot as much as you can for a secure loop.

To undo, turn it around, so you see the back of the knot which kind of looks like a squashed eight. take each half circle of the eight in each hand and use your thumbs to push it from underneath. Kind of like breaking a twig. Now undo as normal by pulling the end back though each step of the knot.

Camping Knots № 3 – Trucker’s Hitch

Number 3 on our Camping Knots list is the Trucker’s Hitch. This knot allows you a tension something well beyond what you can pull with just your own strength.
Some camping uses: secure strapping a kayak or surfboard to your roof racks, tension rope around tents, sleeping bags etc. to make them smaller.

1. Create a loop by pushing the standing end up. Make sure the working end it the one that lays on top.

2. Fold the working end in half close to your loop.

3. Tuck the folded piece through the loop, back to front. Tighten the knot to create a new loop.

4. Pass the working end around the pole, roof rack bar, etc. and through the loop.

5 + 6. Pull hard on the working end to secure your object down. Keep the tension on your line while you tie off your Trucker’s Hitch by squeezing the working end together where it folds back on itself close to the loop. Now pass the rest of the working end underneath both the loop that’s curled around your pole. Tuck the working end through, underneath itself, and tight the knot by pulling it sideways and towards where you’re squeezing it off.
Do this once more, for safety’s sake.

Optional: If you think you may need to take the tension off your load in a hurry, you can tie it off with a slipknot. Simply don’t pull the working end all the way through the final knot. This way you can take the tension off by pulling hard on the tail.

Camping Knots № 4 – Sheet Bend

The fourth of our most used Camping Knots is the sheet bend. This bend allows you to tie two ropes together, no matter how much they differ in size. You could even tie a rope off to a steel cable as long as you can fold it in half.

1. Fold the bigger of the two ropes you want to join in half.

2. Tuck the thinner rope through the loop you created, back to front.

3. Pass the thinner rope underneath both side of the thicker rope.

4. Pass the thinner rope underneath itself, but over top of the two ends of the thicker rope’s loop.

5. Tighten the bend.

Optional: If you find your bend doesn’t want to stay put, you can repeat step 3 + 4 before tightening the bend to make it more secure.

Camping Knots № 5 – Taut Line Hitch

Last but not least of our most used Camping Knots is the Taut Line Hitch. This hitch lets you tension a line, but doesn’t secure it. That way you can slide it up and down as you see fit.
Camping use: making your own guy lines.

1 + 2. Pass end of you rope around the object you want to tension your line to (eg. tent peg). Turn the working end around the standing one by passing it over top, underneath and over top again.

3. Turn the working end around the standing end once more in the same direction.

4. Cross the working end over top of the two turns you just made and make another turn in the same direction.

5. Sounding familiar? Yep, that’s pretty much a rolling hitch tied on itself instead of object. Tighten the knot and slide it up and down to create the desired tension in your guy line.

Do you have any camping knots you use all the time that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!


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